Our Hillary Clinton products

Our Hillary Clinton products Presidential candidates have long used promotional products as a way to collect donations from their supporters. In 2008 one of PeachyApricot’s own – Denitza designed a T-shirt for Hillary Clinton’s fundraising contest. The contest was part of Hillary Clinton’s then presidential run against Barak Obama. The T-shirt design featured Clinton’s silhouette […]

Bob Ross is on Netflix!

For all the happy little trees out there – Bob Ross is on Netflix! Bob Ross is on Netflix! So much has been happening lately in the happy little world of Bob Ross. We are now in our second year of being the official Bob Ross artisan shop and at the moment we are hard […]

Toucan Do it mug

Toucan Do it mug – The perfect encouragement boost The Toucan Do it mug is finally here! A few weeks ago we had a little teaser on our website of a new motivational mug we’d been working on for quite a while. We also posted pictures of the process on our social media accounts. Now, […]

Official Bob Ross merchandise

Official Bob Ross merchandize soon to come! Our Official Bob Ross merchandise is soon to come and will be available in our online store and Amazon. Bob Ross was a captivating man who spoke calmly with the most soothing and hypnotizing voice. He is the host of the PBS show “The Joy of Painting” he was […]

We Have our Giveaway Winners!

The Ron Swanson Movember Giveaway is over. We announced the names of the winners on Instagram and Facebook yesterday and would like to thank everyone who participated. Instagram is without a doubt our favorite social networking platform and we would love to have more contests/competitions there. We are already preparing the next giveaway. Expect some zombie […]

Ron Swanson Movember Giveaway!

It’s almost Christmas and that means it’s time to be happy and give back to our followers. We have a few giveaways up our sleeve that we’ll be introducing here starting today up to the end of the year. So, without further ado, we present you the Ron Swanson Movember Giveaway! To celebrate everyone’s favorite […]

Our store is open

After a quick search for a new art/production studio and a short visit of Canada, our team is finally back  in business and our store and website are fully functional again. We are getting ready to start a new giveaway as well as introduce new designs and updates to our PeachyApricot collection. Stay tuned, there is so much more […]